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"Your horse's ultimate retirement facility".

Our beautiful stable contains individual horse stalls that can accommodate up to 15 horses, including wash-stalls, tack room and a hay loft with a panoramic view of the property. Each stall is supplied with shavings, water, feed, hay and regularly cleaned to maintain the highest level of care for our borders. Blankets and heated indoors when the weather is cold; fans and lots of ventilation in the hot summer months.

The property boasts 9 wooden fenced paddocks with automatic watering fountains and lush grass for the horses to roam. There are 2 fields planted by a local farmer; rotating corn and soybeans every other year. A gentle brook runs from the north to the south and the mature trees give this expansive property its private borders.

Barbara and Donald Tober purchased Yellowframe Farm in 1987 and through careful curation and a keen aesthetic eye, the property has become one of the most beautiful in all of Dutchess County. In addition to the horses, Yellowframe Farm is home to cows, pigs, chickens, guinea hens and other creatures that roam the 125 acres. Sprinkled with pieces of stunning artwork, it has become a favorite for the Millbrook Hunt, the Millbrook Hounds and other local organizations where Mrs. Tober and the Yellowframe Farm staff greet their guests with the highest level of hospitality and a little "Donald dust" magic.

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